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  • straight lateral joint sides, straight medial joint sides


  • for lamination technique only, not suitable for traditional steel-leather KAFOs
  • monocentric joint for motion control
  • universally applicable for either side
  • tapered shape
  • freely movable
  • bilateral application
  • as the joints are positioned offset to the pivot point of the bars, the bars can be positioned optimally at the upper and lower thigh
  • extension stop 2° positive
  • with ball bearing
  • 4 sliding discs
  • 2 stop bumpers
  • incl. 8 high-quality Torx screws for side bar mounting
  • incl. Torx wrench


  • spare part set 2J10/E50
  • adjusting-tool set 145M60
  • laminating dummies 2J10/16D, 2J10/20D
Šířka a (mm)Hmotnost (g)MateriálObjednací číslo
16199nerezová ocel2J11/16V
20216nerezová ocel2J11/20V
RozměryPopisŠířka a = 16 (mm)Šířka a = 20 (mm)
bprůměr hlavy2125
cdélka od středu kloubu4343
dtloušťka hlavy kloubu1010
eposunutý střed otáčení1616

The tapered shape does not require grinding of the joints.