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  • Longterm Surgical Shoe with 3 removable cushioning soles and reinforced outsole

Mode of Action

  • the sandal-like, wide surgical shoe with hoisted toe rim is made to take up large volume dressings and protect them from shifting
  • three removable and adjustable cushioning soles additionally relieve delicate pressure-peaks from the plantar foot sole
  • the reinforced outsole additionally relieves the injured foot
  • the higher shaft and the stable reinforced heel area offer the foot a secure grip
  • inner lining fabric of the shoe as well as cover fabric of the padded insole are anti-bacterially equipped based on ammonium-silane-compound; this limits colonisation of the material with certain bacterial strains (e.g. Staphylokokkus aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae)


  • wounds in the foot- and ankle area caused by diabetes mellitus
  • peripheral artery occlusions
  • other wounds not subject to indication in the foot- and ankle area
  • do not use for instable or fracture prone diabetic neuro-osteoarthropathic foot syndrome, DNOAP (e.g. florid charcot foot)
  • post-surgical and traumas


  • do not use for the above indications, if a sufficient pressure relief cannot be achieved
  • do not wear directly on injured, irritated or damaged skin (before application, please cover the skin with wound dressing or a sock)
  • do not use for instable or fracture prone diabetic neuro-osteoarthropathic foot syndrome, DNOAP (e.g. florid charcot foot)
  • use only with walking supports


Sensory loss due to diabetic polyneuropathy (PNP), i.e. occuring sensations to the feet such as pressure, temperature, pain are not perceived timeously. Regular fitting check-ups are necessary!

The removable cushioning soles can be individually adjusted depending on the indication.


Velikost chodidlaDélka vnitřní boty (mm)Šířka vnitřní boty (mm)Objednací číslo
35-36cca. 239cca. 99210R1/36...
37-38cca. 252cca. 102210R1/38...
39-40cca. 265cca. 105210R1/40...
41-42cca. 279cca. 108210R1/42...
43-44cca. 292cca. 111210R1/44...
45-46cca. 305cca. 114210R1/46...
47-48cca. 319cca. 117210R1/48...
49-50cca. 331cca. 120210R1/50...

Příklad objednávky: 210R1/36L (levá) nebo 210R1/36R (pravá)


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