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  • Shoulder Joint Sling for immobilisation in a defined position
  • Color: silver grey/black

Mode of Action

  • fixation of the entire arm during shoulder injuries
  • can also be worn over light clothing
  • relieving posture benefits the healing process and reduces pain


  • shoulder injuries such as distorsions, contusions
  • subluxation and luxation of the shoulder joint, luxation fracture
  • humeral head- and humeral shaft fractures
  • injuries of the rotator cuff
  • post-surgical care


  • material interactions/allergies
  • do not wear directly on injured, irritated or damaged skin
  • arterial occlusions
  • congestions of the lymphatic system


  • simple size options: „2 fit for all“ – therefore low stock keeping
  • simple handling: easy application of the shoulder sling without help
  • partially flexible body strap: elastic insert of the body strap provides unrestricted breathing
  • innovative hand pocket closure: individual adjustment even for bandaged limbs
  • upper material with clinging structure for hook straps: individual adjustment

The OmoSupport.gilchrist can be worn on right or left side.

VelikostObvod pasu (cm)Objednací číslo
Maž do 100105R1/M



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