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  • Pneumatic lower leg-foot orthosis for immobilisation in a defined position
  • lightweight construction with stabilisation elements and integrated pneumatic system

Mode of Action

  • immobilisation of the lower leg-foot region in a defined position (90°-position)
  • an individually inflatable air chamber (integrated pneumatic system with ventilation unit) provides for a precisely fitting postural support of the foot and the lower leg within the shoe
  • especially lightweight construction with lateral stabilisation element made of aluminum
  • rounded sole stimulates a natural gait pattern
  • individual adjustment possibilities through hook and loop fasteners
  • soft, cushioned, washable interior shoe for high wearing comfort


  • ligament, soft part or tendon injuries
  • conservative and postoperative treatment of stable fractures of the foot, ankle and distal lower leg
  • after hallux-valgus-surgery
  • pre- or postoperative/posttraumatic immobilisation
  • toe arthroplasty


  • material interactions/allergies
  • do not wear directly on injured, irritated or damaged skin
  • circulatory disorders
  • weight limit: 120 kg
  • not suitable for high activity
  • use only with walking supports

For better hygiene, the body protection tricot sleeve item-no. 99P12 can be pulled over the leg.

Two separate paddings for additional cushioning of delicate areas and further padding to protect the toes are included in the delivery.

The PneumoWalker can be worn on the right and the left side.

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