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  • Stack Finger Splint Set

Mode of Action

  • immobilisation of the fingers and the thumb
  • immobilisation and protection of the finger end joint and finger stops
  • hook and loop fasteners can be attached individually and guarantees necessary grip


  • radiodorsal tendon rupture
  • injuries of the fingertips and nail bed
  • ligament sprain and lesion
  • ruptures of the lateral parts of the pulley


  • material interactions/allergies
  • do not wear directly on injured, irritated or damaged skin

When judging the fit, please pay attention to not block circulation.

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průhledná plastová krabička, naplněná66 dlah pro prsty ve velikostech 1-7, 5R1

 Spare part, Finger Splint with hook and loop strip

VelikostBaleníObjednací číslo
110 ks5R1/1
210 ks5R1/2
310 ks5R1/3
410 ks5R1/4
510 ks5R1/5
5,510 ks5R1/5,5
610 ks5R1/6
710 ks5R1/7