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    Stack Finger Splint Set

    Objednací číslo: 5R1


    Wrist Orthosis for immobilisation in two directions of movement

    Objednací číslo: 31B1


    Wrist Orthosis with removable thumb fixation

    Objednací číslo: 89R1


    Wrist Support for immobilisation in one direction of movement

    Objednací číslo: 85R1


    Wrist Orthosis with thumb- and finger immobilisation, individually adjustable

    Objednací číslo: 80R1


    Thumb Splint for immobilisation of saddle and basic joint of the thumb

    Objednací číslo: 87R1

    Functional Thumb Splint with fabric lining

    Thumb Support for the immobilisation of the saddle and base joint, made of soft polyethylene

    Objednací číslo: 136T1, 136T2

    Fabric Lining for Funtional Thumb Splint

    Pad cushion set

    Objednací číslo: 136T14, 136T15, 136T16, 136T17

    Forearm and Hand Splint with Plastazote-lining

    Made of Streifylen (PE), 2 mm, including 3 self-adhesive hook and loop straps and rivets

    Objednací číslo: 10R10

    Hook and Loop Fastener System

    For forearm positioning splints

    Objednací číslo: 60T50, 60T51

    Forearm-Hand Splint

    Made of Streifylen (PE) or Streifylast (soft-PE), 4 mm

    Objednací číslo: 193P1, 193P2, ...

    Thumb-, Hand- and Forearm Orthosis

    Wrist Orthosis welded construction with thumb immobilisation made of soft Streifylast (soft-PE)

    Objednací číslo: 193P6, 193P7

    Hand- and Forearm Orthosis

    Wrist Orthosis welded construction without thumb immobilisation made of Streifylast (soft-PE)

    Objednací číslo: 193P8

    Fabric Lining for Hand Orthoses

    Fabric lining for additional cushioning and hygiene

    Objednací číslo: 193P0