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  • Thumb Splint for immobilisation of saddle and basic joint of the thumb

Mode of Action

  • stabilises the saddle joint of the thumb / metacarpophalangeal joint by means of the built-in aluminium frame
  • customisation of the thumb splint to the individual thumb and wrist joint anatomy is achieved by simply bending and shaping the aluminium frame


  • irritation of the thumb joints / metacarpophalangeal joint I
  • rhiz-arthrosis of the saddle joint of the thumb / trapeziometacarpal arthritis (TMC)
  • ulnar collateral ligament lesion (skier´s thumb)
  • distortion / severe sprain of the thumb


  • material interactions/allergies
  • do not wear directly on injured, irritated or damaged skin
  • angiopathy (oedemata)


By cutting along the pre-defined lines (embossing lines), the height of the thumb splint may be adjusted. Depending on therapy goal, cutting along the embossing lines provides exposure and mobilisation of the thumb end joint.

The RhizoSupport.light can be worn on left or right side by simply turning the hand loop.

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